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Meet the Team

Bob Aishford


Bob’s the original namesake behind the business. For over 30 years, if you did anything in Canmore, you’d come to know Bob as real estate professional, community volunteer and a passionate outdoorsman. Now a days, he’s usually found hiking, mountain biking (or e-biking) or enjoying some downtime in the garden. Though if you’d ask him, together with his wife Jeannette, they’re most proud to finally be grandparents. 

Robb Aishford




How many times have you heard the stories about following in the footsteps of others? Whether it’s retracing an historic journey, or in my case, taking over the family business. No matter how you look at things, expectations are usually rather high.


I’m no exception, my father and business partner, Bob spent over 30 years in the real estate business. Together with my mother, we moved to Canmore in 1987 and turned back. They helped to build this community and remain well known within it. So while a lot has changed in our little community over the decades, the pride of calling Canmore home hasn’t. 


My father’s father favourite slogan has always read, “Expect More Out of Life in Canmore”. So whether it’s your first time to the Bow Valley, or you’re back again, got a question about real estate? Give me a call, send me a text message, or drop me an e-mail. Let’s talk.

– Robb