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News and information about the Canmore area on a regular basis

As a service to my clients I will be putting together news and information about the Canmore are on a regular basis. When you are shopping for luxury homes, you want an agent on your side who knows the ins and outs of the local area. I can provide you the level of service you are looking for, and try to prove that by keeping my clients up to date on local market conditions.

Wednesday November 7/2012 – Canmore’s Elevation Place Grand Opening Expected to be Delayed

The much anticipated community centre in Canmore, Elevation Place, may not be opening in January, thanks to construction delays. Even if it does open, not all of the facilities may be operational. At a town council meeting this past October 29th, officials were considering a phased opening. This means that some parts would open in January with the rest being up and running by March.

The biggest obstacle is the pool area, which is seeing tiling delays. That will most likely set the opening back by as much as eight weeks. Council is consulting with the builders, Mistaya Construction Limited, to see if a phased opening would be possible. The grand opening event, scheduled for February 2nd, will be postponed, either way.

Reasons for the delay are not confirmed, other than it has nothing to do with the design of Elevation Place. All that is known is that it is a recent development, pushing the original opening date, which was November of 2012, back once again. Sally Caudill, who is the communication coordinator between council and the builder noted that while construction issues are never desired, it was better to have the issues taken care of before the building is occupied.

Caudill noted that the community and aquatics centre is a huge project, and also that the delays will not incur any additional construction costs for Canmore. Part of the project includes a hot tub big enough for 25 people, a 25-metre lap pool with eight lanes, leisure pool, water slides, a lazy river water feature and a steam room. In addition to the aquatic centre there is also a library, climbing center, multi-use spaces and a home for the Canmore Art Guild. Council will keep the public informed as far as the opening schedule.
Wednesday September 12/2012 – Elevation Place May Get Sponsorship Names

It seems that Elevation Place in Canmore will soon have some new sponsors. This past August 21st, area politicians agreed to sell corporate name spots on the $39 million complex, intended to bring some needed cash flow into the picture. An inventory of assets was taken, and town administration was instructed to work with a consultant specializing in sponsorships to maximize the amount of revenue received. Elevation Place is expected to open by late fall and will include such items as a climbing wall, aquatic centre and library.

It is not expected that the corporate names will be up on the opening day, but thanks to council’s vote Elevation Place could well become RBC Elevation Place or some other “insert name here Elevation Place” in the near future. Each venue within the centre could have its own corporate name, such as the pool.

Council approved the plan so that the city could pay off the complex construction costs sooner than later and not have the community in debt longer than necessary. The inventory valuation came up with a figure of $662,000 for the value of the assets that could possibly be sold each year at Elevation Place, across all venues.

The survey also noted that typically only about 33 percent of potential assets are realistically sold within that time frame. The expectations for Elevation Place are higher than that, with a projected 55 percent of that annual valued inventory to be sold within three years of opening. That would generate roughly $364,000 in cash flow each near, minus what is spent to attract sponsors and other fees.

The swimming pool, climbing wall and the facility were considered the most valuable assets and the biggest attractions for corporate sponsors. Financial businesses would be the most likely to want one of these three items, both to build their reputations and increase advertizing exposure. The library would most likely remain unnamed, at least by a corporation. It’s just not the norm.

Elevation Place will no doubt become a centerpiece of Canmore, therefore the perfect draw for corporate sponsors. Council will have final say on what sponsors are selected. The Canmore Public Library as well as the Canmore Arts Guild are both having some concerns about the sponsorships. It might well affect the types of advertizing the Coho and Riptides swim clubs can sell at the pool area. Council still must review current policies before any final decisions on sponsorship are made.